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A Discovery of Witches is a British television programme based on the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness, named after the first book in the trilogy.
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Or that enchanting imported show on the network no one can ever find in which Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys travel the world being handsome and drinking wine. There is, to say, a lot going on.

‘A Discovery Of Witches’: Female Creative Team Finds That It Takes A Coven

Moreover, lots of people in Oxford suddenly seem to have been alerted to her presence, including Matthew Matthew Goode , a biologist with an extraordinary sense of smell and some unconventional eating habits. Matthew is, indubitably, an Anglo-French Christian Grey. He appears to own several castles, one of which has actual peacocks on its lawn. He drinks wine and finds notes of blackberry, cigar smoke, and red currants in brandy nonbrandied red currants not being specific enough.

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He stalks Diana, rather unappealingly, for the first few episodes, and at one point sniffs her discarded gym clothes before his face contorts into a disturbing grimace. He can run so fast that he becomes a blur, a skill he utilizes to hunt and eat deer in the Scottish highlands.

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Matthew is, in other words, a vampire. In the world of A Discovery of Witches , vampires and witches walk the Earth as enemies, but have dwindled in number and power over the centuries. A Discovery of Witches just looks expensive. Palmer has the trickier role with Diana.

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Adapted from the best-selling All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness , the supernatural drama series A Discovery of Witches available to stream in the U. Be aware that there are some spoilers discussed.

How exciting is it to already have a pick-up for Season 2 and 3? The passion and the excitement and the feedback has been mind-blowing. We had no idea that it would have this kind of impact from people, so to hear that we get to do a second and third season is just really, really special.

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When you signed on for this, did you know how popular the books were, or was that something that you realized later on? People are very excited about these books.

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I delved into the world of A Discovery of Witches and started reading fan sites, and there are podcasts dedicated to it. I feel like some of these people know more about my character than even I do. What do you like most about her?

Gosh, what a scary thing to have to jump into and navigate. So, that was something that I really loved about her. I loved that she had flaws and vulnerabilities, and she was allowed to exist in both. What would I do in that situation? I was just rooting for her.

How 'A Discovery Of Witches' By Deborah Harkness Created A Feminist Series – EXCLUSIVE

We spent the entire time giggling and just having a good old laugh. He was my comrade. He really was like my brother, and we were on the same page about everything. It just made work fun and easy because I always had my person there to back me up, and vice versa. We were always there for each other, so it was really wonderful.