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It costs thousands of dollars to attend any one of their seminars — but now you get the wisdom and advice of nine of them for the low price of this book.

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Alvin Chow is the founder of personal finance blog www. He became interested in personal finance at the age of He bought into the idea of financial freedom and strived to reach that goal one day. Naturally, he became a keen student of investment and trading.

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He enjoys reading books and learning about the subject. He began trading in and also built up his investment portfolio in He also attended Dennis Ng' seminars in Aug and actively contributes in the www. Thanks to his effort, we can learn from various established Traders in Singapore, leveraging on their knowledge and experience in trading. Home Contact Us. Main Menu.

How To (Really) Become A Millionaire Through Real Estate

I was born in a humble family. For some reason, when I was 17, my aspiration was to become a social worker. So that was exactly what I did.. In , I fired my corporate job and went out on a mission to become successful, but I had totally no idea on what I should be doing.

Mr. Propwise,

And I immediately jumped in and founded my first real estate company, HSR and that what how I first started dabbling in real estate investing. In , HSR was affected by the global economic downturn and was on the brink of bankruptcy. Business was poor and basically no one was buying real estate because everyone were fearful of losing money in property investing. However, to me, in every crisis, there is an opportunity and this was the time that I started investing heavily into property and it was seriously one of the best decision I have made in my life.

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My property portfolio swelled up and I never look back afterwards. Today, I own many properties worldwide and am financially free because of the rental income that property investment brings. I have also spent the last 10 years educating tens of thousands of people to become a savvy money-generating property investors using his PROVEN street-smart property investing strategies.

Were you thinking that I must have had a lot of money to invest in property? In fact, the answer is no! Chances are, you might think that it is impossible to do it, but let me assure you, if you know the right system and right knowledge on how you can structure your property deal, ANYONE can do it! To the average retail investor, that may be true. But what I have discovered in my 20 years in property investing , is that you can literally start investing and owning your first property with just a couple of thousand dollars! And with my How-to-buy-investment-property PROVEN step by step system of investing in real estate , thousands of my students have benefited from my knowledge and some now own multiple real estates that they are happily collecting rental income from as a landlord!

The fact that you are reading this page now only tells me two things.

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Chances are that you ALREADY know that property investing can make you wealthy, really wealthy, especially in a small island like Singapore, where there just isn't enough land and houses going around for the ever increasing Singapore population. You might also have heard stories of people owning multiple properties and collecting rental income as landlord and being able to achieve financial freedom.

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You might be wondering if all these so called wealth generation through property investment are for real He now spends his time educating people on the subject of Real Estate Investing with his time tested, PROVEN wealth strategies to help even ordinary Singaporean, create, invest and grow their wealth! Since , Dr Patrick Liew has educated over 10, people worldwide to become a savvy property investor and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom through real estate! The 7 wealth-creation questions you MUST ask before buying any property.

Why you should NOT buy just based on location alone!

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