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No one is absent today, maam. It is nice to hear that. Before we start our lesson, lets have an oral spelling.

Date: March 3, 2015

I will pronounce the word out loud and you will raise your hand if you know the answer. Are you ready? Yes maam! Lets start! Chaos is a condition of great disorder or confusion. Spell chaos. Yes, Elizabeth? Next, artistry is a creative skill or ability. Spell artistry. Yes, Sam? How about, misery? Spell misery. Yes, Eiron?

Misery Good job, class! Now, I have here a quotation and you will give me your ideas about it. Kindly read, Sofia. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Do you agree? If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

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Youre right! Any other answer? Yes, Jane? No matter what we are going through right now, always remember that, someday, this pain will make sense as long as we have the passion in our hearts. Very good! From the quotation on the board, we have the word, success and happiness. What makes you happy?

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Yes, Andrei? My girlfriend. How about you, Kim? My family. Very good. Who is the most successful person you know? Yes, Jethro? My mother. She is the most successful person that I know because raising a child is a very big responsibility. Very well said. Success and happiness.

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What are these words? Yes, Joanna? What is a noun?

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Yes, Czarra? Nouns are names of people, places, things, ideas, and events. There are different kinds of nouns. So, what kinds of nouns is our lesson for today? Yes, Hannah? Our lesson for today is all about Abstract Nouns. Here is a list of common abstract nouns. Kindly read, class. But you can feel it, right? How about pride, can you smell your pride? Is pride important? Yes, Bernadette? For me, its okay to lose your pride over someone you love.

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Next is confidence, can you hear it? Students who are progressing through the course sequence at an accelerated pace will be allowed to continue that pace as long as they maintain a semester course grade of B- or higher. Students who are unable to achieve the required minimum grade at the end of the first semester will be placed in the next lower level class when the second semester begins. Students who are unable to achieve the required minimum grade at the end of the second semester, regardless of their first semester grade, must repeat the class the following school year.

Students who are progressing through the course sequence at a slower pace must earn a course grade of D- or higher to move on to the next course. Required Courses:. This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of basic mathematics, and to gain the thinking and arithmetic skills necessary to succeed in Algebra I. Students will also be involved in many activities collected from a variety of sources. Students will not be given a traditional math textbook from which to study; they will create their own.

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  6. Topics include : basic geometric topics, numbers, number systems, statistics, probability, ratio, proportion, and percent. This course is designed to study the relationships between the graphs, tables, and rules of linear functions. Topics include : linear functions, tables, graphs, symbolic rules, symbolic manipulation, ratios and proportions, inverse linear functions, linear systems, probability and statistics, families of functions. This course is designed to study the relationships between the graphs, tables and rules of many complex functions.

    Topics include : quadratic functions, polynomial functions, inverse rules, multiple representations of functions in tables, graphs, symbolic rules, and written descriptions, modeling of real-world situations, and selected geometric topics. This course is designed to start where Algebra II ends and continue the study of the relationships between the graphs, tables, and rules of even more complex functions. Designed to prepare students for Pre-Calculus and Calculus, this class will involve a lot of practice in algebraic manipulation with the goal that many operations become almost second nature.

    This course is designed to prepare students for Calculus. Despite the difficulty, learning Arabic can differentiate an Intelligence Officer from their peers and allow participation in truly important cultural exchange programs, counterterrorism and other activities of critical importance. Arabic uses a specific script in a similar way to English using the Roman Alphabet. Before an individual can learn Arabic they must learn the script.

    In about 12 hours I was reading and writing the whole alphabet. Another resource for learning the script is from Madinah Arabic. Arabic is not actually one language, which contributes to the difficulty of learning it. The spoken version of the language is split into dialects based on the location.