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(at) daggers drawn definition: If two people, countries, etc. are at daggers drawn, they are in a state of extreme unfriendliness and do not trust each other.
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About to or ready to fight, as in Are Felix and Oscar still at daggers drawn over the rent? Although daggers today are rarely if ever used to avenge an insult or issue a challenge to a duel, this idiom remains current.

Its figurative use dates from about If two people or groups are at daggers drawn , they are having a serious disagreement and are very angry with each other. The publishing and record divisions of the company were at daggers drawn over the simultaneous release of the book and the album.

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The government now finds itself at daggers drawn with the same press it had gone to such great lengths to give freedom of expression to. The image here is of the drawing of daggers as the final stage in a confrontation before actual fighting breaks out. Although recorded in , the expression only became common from the early 19th century onwards.

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References in periodicals archive? Haryana Dalit leaders at loggerheads. Since then, both families were at daggers drawn with each other. A I WOULD have thought it was better to have the two women being good friends rather than at daggers drawn like some wives and ex wives. But after 10 years at daggers drawn they slowly calmed down, and these days are the best of friends.

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The Insider: DJ rivals. You know that two people are at daggers drawn when they make a direct statement claiming to be united,'' said Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Matthew Taylor. Blair and Brown try to prove unity on Euro. The students are at daggers drawn in the white versus black conflict but it's football that unites the school, then the community. Meanwhile, the terrible violence of the past week only intensified over the weekend, with the Syrian pro-government forces reportedly targeting the one remaining hospital in eastern Aleppo and the city's infrastructure.

Up to , people are reported by the U.

As soon as the U. The Syrian government prevents humanitarian aid from getting to Aleppo, saying that this is how the rebels get arms and ammunition.


The result is a bloody stalemate in which neither side is prepared to compromise and no force on the ground is overwhelming enough to claim victory and thus end the carnage. Eastern Aleppo is facing defeat by slow attrition if no political agreement is reached.


Moscow and Washington, meanwhile, are as far apart on Syria as ever. The two powers do not just think differently about Syria. Their commitments are divergent in one very basic sense: While Russia's position is backed by force, the American position effectively is not. During a recent private meeting with U. The New York Times , which obtained a recording of the meeting, said the meeting took place in New York days after the short-lived cease-fire.

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With no credible threat behind U. But the State Department's spokesman's line of reasoning was not very productive either. John Kirby said last week that if Russia did not stop bombing Aleppo, the civil war would continue, terrorist attacks against Russian interests would continue and Russia would "continue to send troops home in body bags.

Assad's forces will not withdraw from Aleppo, because occupying the entire city is a key part of the puzzle from the regime's viewpoint. It opens the path to northern Syria, which means being able to secure the border with Turkey.