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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. D. F. McPhee has written several novels, children's books Look inside this book. The Embalming Room by [McPhee, D.F.].
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From pizza dough to the embalming room | Funeral Director Daily

After baseline screening with 3M passive formaldehyde dosimeters, a total of personal and area STEL sorbent tube samples were collected during six embalming cases between and Prior to the installation of local exhaust ventilation controls, personal time-weighted average TWA exposure values during embalming activities were 3. Initial STEL exposures ranged from a low of 0.

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A "private" sign shall be posted on the door s entering the preparation room. No one shall be allowed therein while the body is being embalmed except the embalmers, funeral directors, apprentices and other authorized persons and officials in discharge of their duties;. Within thirty days of the notification to the board, the embalmer actually in charge and ultimately responsible of the embalming facility license shall surrender the license to operate the embalming facility.

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Except in extenuating circumstances, and with approval of the board, no embalming facility is to operate without an embalmer actually in charge and ultimately responsible of the embalming facility for more than thirty days after the written notification is filed with the board.

A change of the embalmer actually in charge and ultimately responsible of an embalming facility requires a new license under division B 2 of section The person who will be licensed to operate the embalming facility as the actually in charge and ultimately responsible after the change shall apply for a new embalming facility license on an application form prescribed by the board within thirty days of filing the written notification with the board. Any embalming facility that fails to comply with this rule shall cease operations.

B Actually in charge and ultimately responsibly sign The name of the embalmer who is the actually in charge and ultimately responsible to whom the embalming facility license has been issued shall be displayed on a sign. Joseph Wagner operates a funeral home in a small Minnesota town, so he believes it's not a big deal that he doesn't do all the legal paperwork before removing a body or embalming it as required by law.

He also had an explanation for storing jars of applesauce in the embalming room at the funeral home in Jordan, a town of about 6, His brother owns a nearby apple orchard — Wagner Bros.

Orchard — and was short of storage space. And, as he pointed out to a Minnesota administrative law judge, the jars were sealed and there was no raw food stored in the room at the Wagner Funeral Home. The law judge, in a ruling made public on Wednesday, sided with the Minnesota Department of Health, which cited and fined Wagner last fall for a dozen violations, some of them repeat violations from past years.

The case stems from a routine Health Department inspection in September The inspector found the applesauce in crates stacked four high and three deep in five rows in the same room where hazardous chemicals are used to embalm bodies. According to the inspection report, the crates had been there for about a year when Wagner embalmed about a half dozen bodies in the room. A hazardous-waste container, where blood and other hazardous waste from the embalming process is disposed of sat in front of the crates, according to the inspector.

Minnesota funeral home cited for storing applesauce in embalming room

The crates were under an emergency shower and made accessing an emergency eye wash difficult. The Health Department cited Wagner for law violations and ordered him to remove the crates and clean the preparation and embalming room. Under state law, embalming rooms are not to be used for other purposes, including storing food items.

It also violated rules regarding blood-borne pathogens set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Corrective orders also were ordered for numerous other violations, including failing to:. Wagner "demonstrated compliance" by the time his appeal came before an administrative law judge in April. Mary Lynn Smith is a general assignment reporter for the Star Tribune.

She previously covered St.