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She went into detail about how she network. I get to meet so many different people fromto-use mode of transport for all. Thisin customer services and I stayed on after to have a title on the Helping Hands cards reminded her of when she lived outside ofI fell in love with it. Within two and a half anymore. Centre — Mile Oak. Guide Dogs runs a programme control centre remotely. The buses like to call it, the window and then normallyfor bus use. However, a lot of the time theand off a bus as well as getting them across where they will stop.

Around drivers are My Guides also display a scrolling message at the bottom in manoeuvring around the pole due to theirnow. We aim to have everyone trained within explaining there has been a diversion. Our new pole on this bus is aa couple of years. We worked withnot just blind or partially-sighted people. Victoria has carried many ofthe end. The bus is there to get everyone to these out.

We have both a wheelchair andbuggy space which is the direction we aregoing with all our buses to try to alleviate anyproblems in that area. There is a size limit for scootersand a certain turning circle required forthem to board. Helping Hand scheme The card is yellow so it can be used as a hailing card.

One ofand directly advise a driver of any assistance assistance. On request needs. Around 4, cards are customers. This card is the result of that work.

Big-city feel to bendy bus

The cards can be people. This is a small coordinated by cream.

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In their own. Victoria said that this has also September we have three days booked with a The Helping Hand scheme went live two been highly successful. During the sessions a bus is takenOver members of staff are Dementia together by bus the mother was having to out for several hours and scenarios are actedFriends, which means they have an walk her daughter everywhere while the dad out based on problems individuals have hadunderstanding and awareness of Dementia.

Dementia Friend within the next 12 months. She went through the sister or children treated when boardingAnnual Conference recently and I gave a bus wash, travelled on one of our open-toptalk about good bus practice vs. This service 49 is seen on Churchill Square last year. I enjoy. To then receive such a prestigiousPractical training days are held as part of award for doing something I love is nothing Asked what advice she would offer tothe empathy course, which allows staff short of striking gold.

Ask theissues. The great customers and charities what they want. Even and social objectives. Alternatively, we can inform the award. I want to see more people thinkingalong. Earlier this year Victoria was awarded the transport industry was amazing. She especially if it will encourage more women to to say how wonderful Martin and my linewas honoured at a ceremony at the Marriott enter the industry.

The last customers. Awards — set up to recognise inspirational three years have improved in that particularfemale role models. I let it go. It was cooked bacon and good superb. I went in a Renault too. It was like being on a rollercoaster. Friends from across the coach While i-Drive debuted in , it hasindustry caught up over refreshments as developed this year to become a sort of small trade event in itself. Out in force withthey waited for their fellow participants to no fewer than seven vehicles was minibus specialist EVM.

We share a lot of similarMotor Speedway, Corby. The customers with Irizar. Other attractions included thechance to drive high performance cars, abike stunt show and go kart display. The Irizar UK coach range wasrepresented, including examples of thepopular i6 and i4 and i8 Integrals. The twomembers of staff who accompanied thevehicle appeared to be rightly proud of thenew coach, which they said had only beenpicked up the previous Friday. In the shadow of the stands, the hybrid i4 speeds past on the track with the i6 integral in the foreground.

It was each other. We also get on well together on a on a series of trials. It will go to Prospect of Lyedecided to do something motor sport-related personal and professional level. After a break forcoaches, not many people will come. It was DAF-powered, so we work closely with them the oach us show, the coach will movedecided something extra special was required on parts. Giving participants the opportunity to Coventry-based Travel de Courcey TDC ,to attract attendees — a bit of fun, I suppose drive trucks is another attraction in itself.

Unless someone asks about a quipped. Offering a dedicated all makes parts supply solution to operators of all sizes backed by a Team of experts in OEM parts supply management. Our aim is www. OEM Parts Supply Over the last 5 years we have forged a strong An automated stop-start system also shuts down the dieselInside the i4H hybrid coach.

The engine restarts automaticallyand tested Cummins ISBe 6. By the time this photo was takenmid morning, a number of the attendees were www. The informal nature of the day canbe seen by the casual attire of those present. GARETH EVANS If the coach is accelerating or cruising, then engine utilising the power ta e off that the diesel engine revs up to combine with the would normally drive the engine cooling fan; electric motor to provide the optimum blend of power for the conditions.

When the Irizar reducing parasitic losses. An added bonus is reduced load capability. Use of retarder. The i4H gives these operators a means to offer clients and passengers a clean, safe and green travel experience. Gallagher, examines fatigue-related risks for commercial drivers, explains whycompanies need to embed a comprehensive safety policyand provides advice on what steps organisations can takeA ccording to The Royal Society Homicide Act Penalties, if found part of their job is the most keep the records for at least two years.

The guilty, include imprisonment, and a new rules also apply to any crew, relief-drivers or on-board security guards. The DVSA operates a proportionate approach to enforcement and typically takesWhether drivers are operating passenger hours without a break — and with journeys formal action only against persistent or serious offenders.

The common sense 2. Addressing driver fatiguesafety law applies to employees behind the and legal compulsion is obvious: driving The RoSPA experience is that professionalwheel just as it does for all other work-related for work is inherently dangerous so manage drivers are those most at risk of falling asleep while at the wheel and that drivingactivities. Why is this so important The three key areas offoorrgadnriivseartiso, nmsa? Handbook should already stipulate the 3. Follow the HSE process Refresh driver fatigue training regularly. Do: prioritise and control risks, consult Carry out and document regular risk drivers and provide regular training and Regularly review risk assessments of allassessments that ensure the risk of fatigue information.

Wherever wheel. The Highway Code recommends a Now is a good time to check driver healthminute break every two hours because mDrainveargefamtiegnuteadvice and safety management plans to ensure ashort, regular stops with a stretch and a walk thorough approach to minimising fatigue risktrigger the sympathetic nervous system Here are key pieces of management advice to at the wheel can be demonstrated. Appoint a person responsible for driver the passenger transport industry, Arthur J.

Lidstone explains the work behind the Go-Ahead London Volvo B7TL open-topper service 68 thatstarted operating in Southend-on-Sea in July this year T he summer season of has seen a renaissance in a number of areas of the country for traditional style open-top bus services. This is an interesting development, given that the sightseeing tour has had the edge in making a robust return in recent years, with the ability of such operations to coin a premium fare.

Full upper deck loads have been a norm from the first days www. Drake, who, at just 22, went out on a limb from rail replacement work to the muchto suggest a Southend seafront service, broader task of becoming an assistant to the After a little quite understandable earlyrecognising a commercial opportunity that Commercial Planning Manager.

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More of this in a moment! As a one-operator, which introduced him to his forte 35 miles from the capital was quite a bus operation, he felt it key to operate overof schedule compiling, as well as grounding surprise, given the abandonment of such the core passenger catchment area betweenhim with useful experience of publicity and services by major operators 20 years ago Leigh-on-Sea to the west of Southend and thecustomer relations.

The loop idea worked, to enable the c2c railway station at Leigh to be served.

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Right on the dot of hrs, ashands-on experience. A trial run to risk assess the route, with PVL proceeding Roadside publicity has been first rate, withwith due caution under Chalkwell Avenue railway bridge illustrated timetables placed at every stop by Southend Council. Estuary, Two Tree Island and Canvey Island in the background Cannily, former Hong Kong Citybus founder regory, vowed to use the service every day expectations and have grown to the point that as they were so pleased by its return.

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But how right he was! Feedback has been universally strong and positive, showingwas almost astounding. With both on bus and roadside advertisinggetting the message across as effectively asonline media, almost full upper deck loadswere being carried from day two, betteringloads for equivalent operations in unsettledweather of years previously.

There was no Stephen Coakley. At the PI Mackenzie was transportrevoked and a separate appearance by any director or Stephen Coakley described his manager. However, there was no of the change of directors from that company, though Edward reference to him as a director in Kirstine Mackenzie to himselfAt a Public Inquiry PI which Coakley was a shareholder. Companies House records. If satisfactory incorporated as C. Theapplication by Coakley Brothers Edward junior, his sister Louise national O-licence was granted application was changed to 10 Scotland Ltd for the grant of a Elliot and their brother Paul on February 8, and vehicles.

Robert Coakley. I was grateful to ames ulgrew, representing, for his dward oa ley senior was the very constructive interventions shareholder in that company. I gained the impression that r and rs ac en ie us started as. Key Points In , was not involved as he was wor ing as a coach driver for ire ociety, ast ilbride. Various other variation ompany td, raidhurst usapplications were made. The licence was revoked. He had been involved with non-compliant operations in theV A undertoo a maintenance past. She made it clear that the licence would be revoked if ames ray was nominated as the operator did not achieve this.

He has been studying signed with Commercialsrelationship with his father. Heconcessionary fares and BSOG, the majority of the shares. That On the licence application form, said each had their own payrollthe Almex machines and other is why he has applied for his he declared a conviction for and drivers, and Claire did notadministrative jobs. He could own licence as Coakley Brothers assault.

His be director and shareholder. He pled the TC. He said as executor. He produced the Coakley and Jim Gray. Claire said she has a youngAndrea, has lived in Canada wanted a fresh start. He said he would try and build family and her background waswith his family since January a rapport with DVSA, and had in recruitment, not buses. For one thing, the long hinged buses had four doors. Of course, passengers were supposed to enter at the front door, and to exit through any of the rear three.

But the drivers had no reason to care about the number of paying riders, and it was very time-consuming to go back and throw non-payers off the back of a crowded meter-long bus. So, many drivers would simply drive their routes, operating on something close to the honor system: If you wanted to pay, you got on through the front door, and otherwise you used the rear doors. A dishonor system. Then, things got even worse. The on-time performance of drivers deteriorated. Some drivers, by no means all but a disturbingly large number, would simply pass large groups of passengers, some of whom had been waiting for an hour or more.

As I noted above, with hindsight anyone can criticize. The question is what should have been done, instead? There were problems, real problems, with the old system. But it is true that under the old private system, the buses were poorly maintained and spewed pollution.

KMR point out that there are two key problems with many private bus services, especially in areas where property rights may not be defined or defensible. The first is the problem of congregation, or coordinating on a stop location where a sufficient number of passengers are conveniently massed. The second problem is timing since no one makes money from a passenger waiting for a bus. The road can be modified to make a pull-off lane for the bus, in some locations. Public bus systems solve the second problem by having schedules. In fact, most public bus systems rely on government enforcement of their monopoly property right, so that no private buses can pick up or drop off passengers at public bus stops.

But this would work just as well for private buses, provided government simply enforces private rights to exclusive local pick-up areas. There are other, obvious institutional features of well-functioning private markets in the urban transit setting, and they would flourish if government regulation allowed them to.

Bus companies might have two-tiered pricing systems to ensure a reliable supply of customers throughout the city. An ad hoc rider, one who simply catches a ride from one point to another without a consistent pattern someone going across town to shop for an electronic part, perhaps might pay a high fare. Once a rider purchases a monthly pass, he can ride as many times as he wants for no extra charge on that bus line, whereas he would have to pay on any other line.

Routes could be run, with high ridership, from the same neighborhoods to the same workplaces on a predictable schedule. Finally, one cannot emphasize enough the advantages of allowing competition over routes and level of service. In a large, diverse urban area, some people want higher-speed express service, with amenities and perhaps an attendant. Others want rock-bottom prices and are willing to accept more inconvenience and less service.

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See James M. Buchanan , in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics for more information about Buchanan and public choice. The fact is that in both cases people behave purposively, pursuing their own goals filtered through the incentives and costs the system presents to them. Yet, the idea persists that removing profits and using government planning results in a kind of moral transubstantiation.

Many planners think that profits are evil and would prefer a system that eliminates profits, even it means accepting substantial losses and no improvement in service. No matter how many times this notion is killed off by experience and evidence, the hydra of planning grows another head, and political leaders trumpet the new reform in public service.

Then, when the reform fails, commissions are formed, implementation is blamed, and budgets are raised. Worse, planners believed that they could dictate choices to commuters, who turned back to private automobiles instead. Buchanan, James. James M. Buchanan and Robert D. At amazon. McCarthy, Julie. Walter, Matthew. Planning Order, Causing Chaos: Transantiago 0. I sat in the office of the Decano, or Dean, of the School of Government. Out the window, the sun sank into the Andes in a Dr. Seuss palette of pastels. I must have been distracted. Because I thought I heard el Decano say that, according to his survey results, the biggest problem facing the citizens of Santiago was… the bus system.