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Results 1 - 16 of Un Capitaine de Quinze ANS (Le Livre de Poche) (French Edition) . du capitaine Hatteras- seconde partie (illustré): Le désert de glace.
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Her grandfather told her not to worry, that it was only temporary, but Gaya wanted to know the reason why it was drying up. She had read in an old almanac that humans should consult more often with the animals, the trees and the life that surrounds them. So that's what she decided to do. In her search for clues, she questioned the great oak tree, the squirrel, the owl and the beaver.

Each one blamed his neighbour. Gaya was left to sort through the pieces of the puzzle to find out who really was responsible. This fascinating story encourages the reader to think about his own actions and their impact on the environment. Its message: each of us should look first towards ourselves before blaming someone else. The illustrations are lively, while the soft colours have a calming effect on children. It is her nature, her very essence. And that is precisely what she does in L'Herbe qui murmure : she has gathered together eight delightful short stories that have a tree as their central theme.

There is the tree that is full of leaves, where insects, mushrooms, birds and squirrels live; the tree loved by Pamela, a very unusual little girl who is able to communicate through a rubber boot. The friendship that binds the tree and the child allows the little girl to get to know herself better, to accept herself and to live her childhood to its fullest.

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In this collection, there is even a short story, barely two pages long, "L'arbre de Monsieur Armand," which children who know their school's lost-and-found box well will particularly enjoy. What more can be said of "Confiture de carottes," other than that you will never plant another carrot seed without thinking of this story? A little carrot and an old tree go on underground voyages of exploration together, thanks to the tree's long roots.

They spend an entire winter entwined, sheltered from the frost and, in the spring, something wonderful awaits them. Each story includes a black-and-white illustration. Easy to read out loud, these stories will sound good to children's ears. The sound of your voice will bring nature within their reach. On what should be the first day back to school, Flavie finds her vacation extended by a day. On August 29, a snowstorm hits the city of Montreal. Strange things are happening. Flavie has noticed that certain meteorological events are occurring under circumstances that are perhaps more foreign to her than to those around her.

Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras : Les Anglais au pôle nord--Le désert de glace

She decides to ask Mr. Vacherin, a somewhat eccentric private detective, for help in discovering the reason behind what's been happening. This is a zany story that is so amusing and captivating that it is easily read in one sitting. Action-packed and spirited, this book keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. Humorous illustrations add an extra dimension to the text and lend movement to the story, which is already quite lively. Using legends and conventional beliefs, the author gives a whole new meaning to the expression "rain or shine.

Le Jardin Sur La Glace : Roman Contemporain (Classic Reprint)

One day, while travelling, the story's narrator finds himself in an old region of the Alps. A dreary and desolate area of barren moors, there is no water and the only thing that grows is wild lavender. In this inhospitable land, he meets a lone shepherd who invites him to his home to eat and sleep.

From the moment he meets this gentle man, he likes him. Yet, the shepherd has an odd habit: every night he meticulously sorts acorns, which in the morning he plants in the neighbouring lands. These lands do not belong to him; he has no idea whom they belong to. It doesn't matter. Relationship to the catchment area, Developments in Hydrobiology , , p.

Geogr , 25, p. Quaternaire , 24, 2, p. DEAN W. Quaternary research , 79, p.

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Notice explicative par Rossi Ph. Abandonment in the Mediterranean Mountains, Corsica, France. Ecology and Society , 18, 2, 38, [ en ligne ].

Antarctique, désert de glace (Les Quatre éléments) (French Edition)

English as Author A Primer of the Art of Illumination for the Use of Beginners With a rudimentary treatise on the art, practical directions for its exercise, and examples taken from illuminated mss. Lucy Ann , ? Pasture, Henry De La, Mrs.

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Le dessert - Le français illustré numéro 106

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