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Standing; John R. Frank F. Merrlam, Sidney M. Appointed by the Governor and including ex-officio such members as the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of the State, the Speaker of the Assembly, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the President of the State Board of Agriculture, the President of the Mechanics Institute, the President of the California Alumni Association, and the President of the University, the Board is further composed of some of the most outstanding men in Cali- fornia.

Lawyers, presidents of banks, great educators, writers, physicians, industrial leaders, give generously of their time and money in working to- gether for the betterment of the institutions they govern. Since no salary is attached to the position and since the appointment lasts for sixteen years, a member of the Board of Regents in California need not be the tool of politicians nor the victim of changes in governmental control.

The transaction of business affairs, the controlling of budgets, and the administration of endowment funds for all these institutions involve the handling of enormous sums of money. Through fifteen committees, composed of the Board's own members, the Board works actively in diversified fields with a greater University of California as the goal always in view. She be- came a training teacher in that insti- tution, and held the post of councillor of women. Since the organization of the University she has served contin- uously as Dean of Women. Laughlin is personally concerned with the welfare of each and every Univer- sity woman, and considers not only every form of group problem, but also the separate problem of the individual.

The tireless capability she has shown, and the true interest and sympathy she extends to all, have won her much respect and admiration. Miller was born in Iowa, and educated there. He taught Economics at the University of Illinois, and later came to U. In he was appointed to the office of Dean of Men. This office is an important fac- tor towards removing the impersonal element in the relations of the stud- ent and the machinery of the Uni- versity. Dean Miller has made him- self extremely popular, and justifiably so, by his activities as student advisor and councillor, a function he is well able to fulfill.

His energy and unde- niable executive ability have made him a valuable and integral part of the University administration. Darsie, Dean of the Teachers' College, is nationally known as an experienced educator. He was born in Ohio, and received his educa- tion in California.

He held various positions in Southern California edu- cational institutions, was an instructor of education in the Normal school, and in the University has been an assist- ant professor of education, and later. Dean of the Teachers' College. The duties of the Dean of a large college are by no means few, but Dean Dar- sie has found time for various research surveys, establishing himself as an authority, and giving the Teachers' College national recognition.

His capabilities for leading and inspiring his students are well-known. Born at Toulouse, and graduated from its University, he took his higher degrees at Chicago and Harvard. When the World War broke out he returned to France, and it was his experience during this great struggle that gave him his ideals of world peace, and made these ideals the driving aim of his life. He came to U. LOYE H. He received his degrees at Harvard. Chair- man of Music, as a pianist has thrilled European and American audiences alike.

Chairman of Astronomy, has gained prominence through his research work on meteorites and visual double stars. Chairman of Mathematics, re- ceived his degrees in Europe and Is the author of many mathematical text books. Di- rector of Geology, has been most successful in his research work and IS a national authority in geological matters. RUTH V. BRUSH, Head of the French department, is a leader in educational advancement work and the author of widely read articles and books. OHN E. Since his entrance into the University his chief interest has been in dramatics; he was elected President of the U.

At the Associated Student helm he has made himself known not only as the first non-organization President on the campus but also as the originator of many important innovations. Fair play is his watchword. Vice-Pres- ident, is, paradoxically, a quiet and unassuming red-head, who by steady and conscientious work, coupled with a startling talent for organization, raised herself to the highest political position a woman can hold on this campus.

Her college career has been one of not spectacular, but consistent advancement in the public eye. A loved and respected member of Sigma Kappa, she was elected in her Sopho- more year, to the much-coveted hon- or of Spurs. She has acted, successive- ly, in the capacity of Chairman of Freshman Orientation and Secretary of the A. Council, and at the end of her Junior year, achieved the posi- tion she now holds, where she has maintained a high standard of effi- ciency, coupled with dignity and de- pendability.

Chairman of the Welfare Board, is one of the most hard working student officials on the campus. This position is an extremely difficult one, since the supervision of all the campus organizations and their functions requires a tremendous amount of tact and patience; but her posses- sion of these qualities, coupled with a driving energy, has made her quiet air of authority recognized and respected. She is affiliated with Chi Omega, and has participated in many activities on the campus; she is best known, how- ever, as the guiding spirit of the Wel- fare Board, having served as Secretary during her Junior year, and as Chair- man this year.

The affairs of this storm- tossed committee have never before been run with as much finesse and true capability. Kn TO right: Earl J. Council acts as the governing factor and central legislative body of the Associated Students. Among the detailed business of the Council may be mentioned the sanctioning of athletic awards, the passing on matters presented by the various boards, the approving of appointments to the executive committee, and making decisions on financial questions.

In addition, the Council is composed of a faculty representative, an alumni representative, and the chairmen of the various boards under the President's control. The President holds the position of Chairman of the Executive Council. He has wide appointive and supervising power in all student body activities. The work of these boards and com- mittees, however, is under the direct supervision of the President, who holds responsibility for them. By methods prescribed in the Constitution, this group has the power to make and enforce such rules and laws for the Student Body as it deems important and necessary to the advancement and progress of the stu- dent organization.

To allow for changing times, the Constitution is very elas- tic yet the foundation of student government remains stable and permanent. The students have organized themselves into this great body in order to effectively control and operate the various activities and enterprises of the University students. Staff LowEi. Cun- ningham, is in charge of the important business of handling all the financial affairs of the Associated Students of the University.

This extensive department is possibly the most efficient in the Univer- sity, and rightly so, because of the number and variety both of sources of income and of disbursements. The business staff handles the entire income and controls all the finances of each student activity. In particular, the receipts and expenses of ath- letic events go through the hands of the General Manager. Student publications are controlled by a Business Manager connected with the A. Basically the funds of the Associated Students are derived from the sale of A.

Other sources of support are the receipts from games, benefits and entertainments, and the profits from publications and other Associated Student-controlled enterprises. Casliiir A. In all financial matters he is advisor to the Council. John Sturzenegger is assistant to Mr. Cunningham, as is William Ackerman, University tennis coach; the additional staff consists of Lowell Stanley and Harvey Tafe, managers of the ticket depart- ment.

The work of the Associated Students News Bureau, headed by Ben Person, has to do with making contacts between the Uni- versity and city newspapermen, chiefly in regard to information concerning the athletic department. Joe Osherenko handles the business side of the University publications under the title Director of Publications.

Priewe is manager of the Associated Students Cafe. Martin acts as custodian of Kerckhoff Hall. Priewe Manaijrr. Co-oprralii'r Caji- ll. A newly-created func- tion of the Board has been the establish- ment this year of a system of tutoring students finding themselves in scholastic difficulties. It has as its duties investigating and recommending to the Council the chartering of new organiza- tions, checking the A. This board, of which Mary Bear has been Chairman dur- ing the past year reviews and judges all proposed dramatic, musical, and other presentations.

The interests of the board are centered upon the development and increasing worth of the University dra- matic productions. Kenneth Goodman is Chairman of the Forensics Board which schedules and fos- ters all debates, both inter-collegiate and between campus organizations, and also sponsors several oratorical contests. It supervises all men's activities, and climaxes a yearly program of orientation and general as- sistance to University men with the An- nual Men's Do. Elsie Frieburg, as Vice-President of the A. C, IS Chairman of the board.

With the aid of the General Manager, Stephen Cunningham, the board prepares the bud- get of the Associated Students, super- vising, checking, and investigating all matters of finance. Instrumental is this group in the functioning of the machinery of the student organization. This group discusses plans, policies, and other kindred matters concerning campus publications, investigates new publica- tions, and offers suggestions for the im- provement of the established ones.

Credit is due Gor- don Jones, chairman, for his work in the supervision of affairs athletic during the past year. The Executive Council is greatly aided by this board in such mat- ters as the appointment of sports man- agers and the granting of awards. It also supervises "Campus Capers".

Much credit is due Fred Harris, the Chairman. The bleach- er stunts and Wednesday songs are conducted by this committee under the direction of Albert Broughton, Chairman. These elections include those of the classes, the A. C, the A. Roberta De. Max Clark was Chairman. Membership Cards. These cards entitle the student to all rights and privileges of membership in the Associated Student organiza- tion. Howard Harrison was Chairman of the Mem- bership Card Sales Committee during the first semester while in the second semester a driving sales campaign was directed by William Stone- cypher.

John- McF. The purpose of the committee is to ac- quaint new students with campus life and people. Howard Plumer acted as Chairman of the committee. Dave Piatt acted as Chairman of the committee during the past year. The committee, headed this year by Charles Melvin, also assumes the task of checking payments for cards pur- chased. This class was the last one to enter the Uni- versity while it yet remained on Vermont Avenue. This year also witnessed the presentation of that excellent assem- bly at which such celebrities as Bebe Daniels, Armida, Lila Lee, and Perry Askam appeared.

Secretary; and Richard May, Treasurer. The class sponsored a sparkling Junior Day, climaxed by an informal dance at the Beverly Hills Hotel. April was featured by the Jun- ior Prom at the Ambassador Hotel. In the famous Junior- Senior football clash of that year a torrid tussle brought only a tie. Sophomore Year Thrmtffh the dull, dnar da tfs of Sopho moris ni.

Howard was a guidi worthy of hitfh praise. William McCaxn I'res. First of their plans to flower was the initial social of the year, an informal Senior Cet-Together in Kerckhoff Hall. A non-date affair, class members were given an opportunity to become better ac- quainted. An enthusiastically attended and thoroughly en- joyed event was given the title Senior Depression Dance, man- aged by Dorothy Hamilton.

Outstanding of the Senior Week happenings were the banquets and class day. Secretary; and Charles Smith, Treasurer. Siuma Delta Tau. Econotitics A. EduratioH B. Transferred from Fullerton J. Kappa Tau Delta: Y. Transferred from Univ. Alitha Chi Omega. Pasadena Frrnch A. Chi Delta Phi. Hawaii Spanish. Zoology A. EcQ7iomics A. Transferred from Grinnell College. Grin- nell. Geojrraphic Society. Transferrt-d from Kansas City J. Historu A. Pre-Midical, Zoologii. Circle C ; Track 1. Kipri Club ; Areme : Ptah Khepera. History A. Education B.

Transferred from Pasadena J. C, : Phrateres. His serious mem and stately bearing have won for him the enduring respect of friend and foe alike. General Elementaru B. Transferred from Chaffey J. Eiiylish A. E, Geojrraphy Club 2. General Elementary B. Omicron Nu ; Home Economics Assoc. I : Areme 2. Efiitrtititin B. Ki-ndergarten Pri. Zota Phi Eta : U. Ecoitottiic-i A. Transferred from Glendale J. Histor'i A. Econoiitics A. Ti-ansfunwl from Lont' Bt-ach J. Transfurrod from Santa Ana J.

Kipri Club. Anut-Us Education B. Ediicati'jn B. Eiihebian Society : Debate Squad 2. Ashland, Transferred from University of Wiscmsin Glee Club 2. Transferr d from the Pi incipia. Transferred from Long Beach J. Anyone who is both Welfare board chairman and a Chi Omega has real need of a conscience. Transfun-i-d fi-om San lit'iiiHidiiui. Chfiiiistrtf, A. Kappa Gamma Epsilon ; Spanish Club. Physical Education Club.

Tii-asurer W A. Phi Mu; y. Economics A. Chemistry A. Phi Omck'a Pi : W. Masonic Club 2. Phi Upsilon Pi ; Y. Ethication B. Transferred from LonK Btach J. French Club 1, 2. History Club ; Bruin : U. Alpha Omicion Pi : Y. Transferred from Santa Ana J. Book 3. French A. Le Cercle Fiancais ; French Play 2. Delta Phi Upsilon : Kipri Club 1. Alpha Gamma Delta. Transferred from San Bernardino : Phrateres. Alpha Xi Delta. Alpha Xi Delta: Southern Campus 1.

Associate Editor 4 ; Pi Kappa Pi 3. Theta Xi : Theta Tau Theta. Captain 4.

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Delta Delta Delta. Phi Mu : Daily Bruin 2. Regulations Com- mittee 4. Mathematics Club. Transferr-jd from Glendale J. Eeonoinics A. Alpha Omicron Pi : Election Board 3. Art B. Philokaetia ; Masonic Club. Alpha Xi Delta : Prytanean. I ; Pi Delta Phi. Sorority Section 2: Ed. Women's Book :i : French Club 1. I : Phi Beta Kappa.

Autoris ipsius ad librum suum.

News Ed. Election Comm. Coun- cil 1 ; Newman Club. EnyUih A. Yell Leader 2. Phi Sijrma. Scc'y Ticas. Transferred from Chaftey J. President 2. CaKayan Philippine Islands Econoinica. Transferred from Citrus J. Kindfrtitirtt'H I'rimaru B. SiRma 1. Philokaelia: W. Hiking Presi- dent 3.

Zeta Tau Alpha. Zeta Tau Alpha; Daily Bi-uin 1. Tri-C 1. Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Y. Phi Bt'ta : Y. Sicy 4 ; Frunch Club Sisma Alpha Iota 1, 2. Lambda Omega. Phi Beta. Transferred from Compton J. B, Sitrma Alpha Mu. Political Science A. Silima Phi Beta. Political Science. Transferred from Occidental : Phi Gamma Delta. Transferred from San Bernardino J. Transferred from Occidental College : Philokalia. FAYE L. COOK Ontario. Phrateres : W. Sons Leader 3.

Physical Education B. Transferred from Phoenix J. Phi Kappa Psi. Alpha Chi Omega. E, Transferred from San Bernardino J. Utah Education. Transferred from National College of Edu- cation. Ptah Khepera. Mathematics A. Transferreil from Pasadena J. Home Economics B. Phi Mu. Transferred from University of Redlan's. Transferred from Pasadt na J. Geoiiraphic Society. Los AnKcles Munic B.

English A. Pi Sisma Gamma : Y. Phyaical Education B. Elections Committee. Kiridertfarten Prituarii B. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Theta Tau Iheta. Scc'y 4; Phrateres Cabinet 3. Transferred from Lons Beach J. Arizona Art B. Transferred from University of Arizona Philokaelia. Arts B. Transferred from Dominican College. Gcncrai Elementary B. Alpha Gamma Delta ; W. Social Committee. Educaticn B. Transferred from Immaculate Heart Col- lege Simnish A. ESMA V. Knulish A.

Beta Phi Alpha: Y. LEE M. JOHN J. Theta Tau Thcta. Areta ; Delta Epsilon. Omicron Nu. Frosh Haskcthall 'IVam ; Jr. Transferred from St. Olaf Colle. Zeta Tau Aljjha : Philokaeiia. Econoinics B. Transferred fi-om Santa Barbara Collet'e Her inclinations are Kappa Sigma. Transferred from Lone Beach. Siffma Delta Tau ; Bema. MAX B. Kansas Political Science. Delta DelU Delta. Gamma Phi Beta. Political Scitncf? Home Economics Association 1. B, Mt-norah : W. General Ele. Kappa Delta ; Spurs ; Pi Psi. Lambda Chi Alpha : HIackstonian. Honorary Captain l : Daily Bruin 1. Day Fd. Chi Phi ; Tiaclt 1 ; Rally Rcseivcs.

Alpha Chi Delta. Home Kconoinics B. Pi Kappa Sitrma ; Areme 3. Histoni A.

【ENG SUB】《明星大侦探4》第12期:头号玩家Ⅱ 烧脑搜证版 Who's The Murderer 4 EP12【湖南卫视官方频道】

Cab- inet : A. Council : Sec'y A. Books : Finance Board Chairman. Siyma Nu. Transferred I'lom Fullei ton J. Phratcres; Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Alpha Delta Theta ; Arume ; W. Tiansferred from Nebraska, V. B, Lambda Omej? Kindergarten Pri. Transferred from Lonix Beach. Transforred from Santa Ana -J.

Economies A. Campus Capers : U. Kappa Delta : Spurs : So. Campus ; Jui Council ; Senior Board. Com m. New York Hist or u. Alpha Chi Omek'a : Y. Sales Committee : A. HiHtoru A. Psiicholoo'f A. Idaho Latin AM. Enylish A. Trcd from Occidental Sijrma Kappa ; Chi Delta Phi. Head of Swimming 4.

Hotnc Economics B. Transftriud from Ki-rn County J. Theta Chi ; Iota Delta. High B. Chi Omega ; Alpha Chi D-lta. Commerce B. Frosh Debatt Mgr. Forcnsics Bd. Kipri Club ; Y. Transferred from Calif. Christian College Y. Com merce B. Transferred from University of Calif, at Berkeley. J'husical Education B. Sivana Pi; Blue Key. Theta Upsilon. Gcolofjif A. Theta Tau fheta. Aljiha Delta Theta. Theta Chi ; Ptah Kht-pcia. Sigma Delta Pi ; Areme. Gamma Phi Beta ; Delta Epsilon : kaeiia. Transferred from Berkeley : Pi Kap- pa Alpha. Delta Gamn-.

Kappa Kappa Gamma : Auathai. Council : Prytanean. Spanijih A. Phi Delta : Sivma Delta Pi. Chairman 1 : Golf Team 2. Transferred from Mass. LOIS L. Alpha Chi Delta : Glee Club 3. Iowa Phil-f. Primani B. FRED F. California Arrangements Comm. Chair- man 2. Dance Comm. Transferred from Los Anffeles J. Enwland, ; Y. Kconomics A. B, TransffiiLd from Bakersfield J. E, Kappa Taa Delta.

Latin A. Phi Sigma; Classical Club. German Club. Vice-President 4. Council 4 : A. Activity and Scholarship Comm. Chair- man 4 ; Forensics Board 2. Chairman 4 ; Water Polo 2, 3. CoiiimTce B. Transferred from Sacramento J. Transferred from Morningside College. Sioux City. Treasurer 3: Kipri Club 1. Spanish Club 2. A ; Track 3. L Upland. Enalixh A. Kappa Phi Zeta : Phrateres.

Political Scirnrc A. CLIO C. E, Alpha Xi Delta : Philokaelia. Montana History A. Alpha Delta Theta. Cotnmerce B. Kappa Delta ; Southern Campus 1. Mathematics Club 3. Kipri Club 4. JOHN P. La Mirada. Pi Beta Phi ; Campus Capers 1, 2. Arrange- ments Comm. Pi Sigma Gamma; Y. Eeonoiiiica A. Chi Delta Phi 3. Alpha Omicion Pi. Theta Phi Alpha : Newman Club 2.

Lambda Omt ya : Pi Delta Phi. Transferred from U. Historv A. General Elementai-y Club 3. Bema : Debating 1 ; Kipri Club 4. Political Scii tier. Transferred from LTniversity of California at Berkeley. Sec'y 1.

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Helen Matthewson Club. Elementary B. Sigma Alpha Kappa ; W. Board 4 : Phrateres. Transferred from University of Redla. Advertising Manager 3, 4. Kindergarten Primary B. Transferred from Long Biach J. EroTwntics A. Ti-ansft-rred from University of OreKon. Transferred from Long Be-ich J. Alpha Delta Chi : Physics Club. Phiisicat Education B. Club 1. Physics Club 3. Areme 1. Club 2, 3. Alpha bmicron Pi; W. Council 4 ; Head of Dancing 4. Kipri CIuo. Choral Club ; A Capella Choir. Lambda Omega ; W. Newman Club 2, 3, 4, Pres.

Tau Dilta Phi ; Daily Bruin 1. Editor 3. Political Scitncf. MARY N. Alpha Xi Delta ; Phrateres. Newman Club. Spayiish A. Transferred from the Principia Camjjus :i, 4 : Daily Bruin. Transfeiied from U. Transferred from New ; Zeta Beta Tau. Transferred from Pomona College Ednraiioti B. Phi Delta ; Kipri Club ; Y.

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Transferred from Bethany College. Linds- borg. Dfia Upsilon ; Class Treas. Alpha Gamma Omega ; Glee Club 1. German Club ; Forum Society. Kappa Delta : W. Uistoni A. Education Club. Koiea History end Education A. Transferred from Pacific University ; Cosmopolitan Club. Kappa Delta: Bruin 1; Mathimatics Club. Bruin StatT i. Editcation B. Phi Mu; Y. Spaniah ,4. Transferred from Glendale.

Transferred from Illinois ; Kipri Club 3. Transferred from Glendaie J. Enaligh A. Ph rate res. Omicron Nu ; Pi Lambda Theta. Ecun mi ich A. TheUi Chi: U. Transferred from ChafTey J.

Kappa Delta. Chemist nj A. Transfem-d from Central Y. Chicago, Transferred from Milwaukee ; Phrateres. Kansas EnylishA. Tiansferied from Long Beach J. C, Photographs from an annual report by clothing specialist Gladys L.

Meloche, Note : Images include a dress-making class, fitting exercises, and a mock wedding. Photographs from an annual report by food specialist Lucy A. Case, Note : Images include documentation of free milk for children, groups meeting in Tomah, Wisconsin, and other group meetings. Damage to utility lines and poles caused by an ice storm in Wisconsin, February Eradication campaign to eliminate the growth of barberry bushes in southern Wisconsin, Activities and displays of a teachers' camp and meeting, probably held at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, circa Various agricultural activities of farmers' institutes sponsored by the Extension Service, circa Groups at agricultural meetings, field demonstrations, exhibits, and other activities related to agricultural education, circa Educational activities of the Extension Service, circa Note : Includes classrooms, exhibits, and demonstrations.

Educational activities and farm activities of the Extension Service, circa Students attending a course in dairy science at the College of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin, circa Note : Photographer Melvin E. Diemer created the majority of images in this component. Exhibits at the Dairy Products Exposition, probably in Madison, Note : Features Wisconsin farm products and farm houses, organized as a technical report on the creation of exhibits. Unidentified portraits of people probably associated with the winter courses in dairying conducted for farmers Note : Images show faculty members?

Album of photographs related to exhibits, including demonstration booths and agricultural products displayed by the Extension Service at the University of Wisconsin armory, Madison, and at other expositions, circa Physical Description: 46 photographs in 1 album in 1 flat box. Classes related to learning salesmanship, accounting, real estate, shop mechanics, commercial correspondence, and other business subjects, circa Classes related to learning salesmanship, accounting, shop mechanics, and other business subjects, circa University of Wisconsin Extension Division offices, Madison, circa Student working on a correspondence study course provided by the University of Wisconsin Extension Division, circa Frank D.

Crane, Professor of English, Annie M. University of Wisconsin Extension Division office, H. English left and Mr. Martin at their desks, Madison, circa